"I have been a client of Bill's for more than 15 years and have bought and sold personal residences as well as multiple investment properties through him. He is the most ethical, respectable Realtor I have ever met. He is always cheerful, on the ball, helpful and knowledgeable. The service he provides is individualized to you. He just knows how to put you first. There is no run around, no phony salesmanship just helpful, true, business-like dealings.
     -Cindy Jarasunas

"Bill is an amazing guy. He puts the customer before his own interest, and deals in a straightforward, genuine manner. He looks for what makes sense for them. I have bought and sold six or seven houses with him over the last five years and consider myself very lucky to have met him. He has very good instincts, and really knows the market. He learned the area and became a familiar face, but not in a shrewd or preplanned way. It was natural; Burbank is his home. He's just great at what he does. He's not concerned with himself first, and that is unusual. Other people pretend to care but are really just out for a commission. He sets himself apart."
     -Lisa Diamond

"Bill Toth is a great Real Estate Agent, very ethical and intelligent.  “A Real Father figure”.  He is the BEST!"
     -Stephanie Toth (I hope he increases my allowance now!)

"Bill Toth is a very Handsome, Charismatic and Sexy Man”.
     -Kelly Toth (He better remember our anniversary now)

"Hi Bill, every time I see a piece of your promo stuff come through I smile. We are always getting inundated with mailings from other real estate agents, but your humor and humanity come through and it makes you stand out. You are amazing at what you do! I love my house, and it’s been a great investment that has grown by over $200,000 since I got it three years ago, based on online estimates. I’ve done a lot of improvements on it too. In fact, you had recommended Rob Truskett to me and he put on a new roof a month ago. I also added solar and a new HVAC system this year, and have more remodeling planned. I have transformed the yard and environment into what feels like a sanctuary. Every day I wake up and just love it here.

It would not have happened without you. Your advice and professionalism were stellar in both buying my new house and selling my condo, and in helping me sort out the complicated financing. Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your efforts and that I will always recommend you to anyone."

-Barbara Niven